E-charging stations

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The cycling and mountain biking routes in Steyr and the National Park Region seem almost endless - but not the energy in the batteries of the e-bikes.

Should the bike "run out of energy" on a planned route, there are many opportunities to take a short break.

Here you can see the places or inns where you can recharge your batteries and recharge your body and soul.

© Photo: upMove: Mountain biking
Mountain biker takes a break on a bench and looks down on the sea of fog below in glorious sunshine.
© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Ute Steininger: E-charging station Brunnbach
Public e-charging point for bicycles in front of the Brunnbachstadel snack station
Public e-charging stations
© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Rainer Aichinger: E-charging station Anlaufalm
Anlaufalm Innkeepers Georg and Rainer Aichinger are pleased about the e-charging point at the Anlauf alm
Charging options at huts and catering establishments