Hiking taxi - for overnight guests

The hiking taxi is a service of the tourism association and brings hikers back to the starting point of the hike.

The Hiking Taxi makes it easier for you to plan a long-distance hike by taking you back to the starting point individually. You don't have to choose a circular route to get back to your vehicle. Simply call the Hiking Taxi nearest to the route and it will take you back to your starting point at a reasonable price.

The only prerequisite: at least 1 overnight stay with one of our hosts (the host will issue you with an authorisation card for the hiking taxi).

You can download the Hiking Taxi Card here.
You can also get it at the National Park Visitor Centre in Reichraming.

Ennstal: Dietach, Steyr, St. Ulrich, Ternberg, Losenstein, Laussa, Reichraming, Großraming, Maria Neustift, Weyer, Gaflenz

Steyrtal: Steinbach a.d. Steyr, Grünburg, Molln

Kremstal: Micheldorf, Kirchdorf, Schlierbach, Inzersdorf


  • € 1,- ·
  • per occupied kilometre
  • per person
  • up to max. the local taxi fare

Terms of use

  • It is requested to request the taxi closest to the call location and, if possible, to book it in advance the day before.
  • The hiking taxi can only be used at a reduced rate on presentation of a fully completed hiking taxi card including the signature of the accommodation provider.
  • The Hiking Taxi is not available for shopping trips and trips to events and if the use of public transport would be possible on this route.
  • Children up to 14 years of age may use the Hiking Taxi free of charge if accompanied by an adult.

Taxi company

Please call the nearest taxi company! Thanks.

Weyer - Großraming: Taxi Aschauer 07254 8219 0664 9274309

                                             Taxi Bürscher 0664/378 66 11

Losenstein - Laussa: Taxi Kaltenberger 07255 7583 oder 0664 3168000

Steyr - Ternberg: City Flizzer 0664 73582511

Grünburg - Leonstein: Taxi Riener 07584 2322

Kirchdorf: Kirchdorfer Taxi 07582 61711 oder 0664 1425959