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Living handicraft, awe-inspiring castles and monasteries, unspoilt nature, impressive industrial monuments and 1,000 years of town history will make your holiday in Steyr and the National Park Region unforgettable!


OÖ. Landesausstellung 2021

The “OÖ. Landesausstellung 2021” exhibition traces the economic and social history of labourers (Arbeitswelt Museum), townspeople (Innerberger Stadel) and aristocrats (Lamberg Castle) and takes a look of how they experienced their social identity over the course of time. It highlights, by the example of the town of Steyr, the historical importance of these various social classes, their interaction and role in present times.

The focus is on the Iron Town of Steyr – the perspective however is anything but narrow. Steyr is and has always been a microcosm epitomizing the world at large, a well-nigh superlative town far from mediocrity. Driven by a spirit of innovation and spurred on by competition, the working and middle classes as well as the aristocracy went through turbulent times for many a century.