The 13 BCS Advisory Boards

Read the reasons why they are advisory board members of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® and what they expect from BCS:

DI Christian Altmann - Business Upper Austria

I am involved here because in the future those regions will have the edge that work together more efficiently and effectively in networks. BCS is a great example of this.


Jürgen Armbrüster - Armbrüster Travel Agency

During my time as tourism chairman of our beautiful hometown I was able to get a very comprehensive picture of Business Class Steyr, and I am convinced that this joint offer of services in various areas meets the needs of business guests - and not only them - exactly.

True to the motto "TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG", strengths and competences are bundled.

I joined with my travel agency for this reason and also to put together your individual incentive with all the possibilities such as seminars, team building, events and much more. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting and look forward to your interest in Business Class Steyr.


Dr. Wolfgang Bittner, MBA - AS Automotive Solutions, Steyr

We, Automotive Solutions, offer intelligent implementation consulting and accompany companies in their innovation projects. In particular, we support medium-sized companies in identifying employees, selecting partners and suppliers and encourage them not to miss the right MOMENT. Because there are moments that must not be missed! Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of organising (every year in May) the DREHMOMENTE as a business congress in order to enable learning from the best. As a BCS advisory board member, I personally support the development of this business community with my networking know-how.  As I believe that the economy in Steyr can only realise its potential if it develops into a network based on trust. Together we are strong!


Roland Brunhofer - ORF Vienna

As a native of Steyr, the city is particularly close to my heart. The BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® initiative must be rewarded, it meets the needs of business customers exactly.


Bgm. Gerald Hackl - Mayor of the City of Steyr

BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® is an extremely efficient network consisting of committed suppliers and customers of the tourism industry. I am convinced that this cooperation will provide valuable impulses for tourism in Steyr.


Dr. Michael Hubich - Steyr Regional Hospital

The BUSINESS CLASS STEYR offers the unique opportunity to initiate and realise innovative projects across all sectors. Personally, I am fascinated by the fact that the BUSINESS CLASS brings together motivated and open-minded people who are characterised by two things in particular: a love of their work and a love of their city.


Hans Mader - Landhotel Mader, Steyr

In accordance with the "SCHWARM-INTELLIGENZ" (impulse lecture, founding event), we have the common goal of optimally presenting high-quality offers in the conference sector on the market, and thereby bringing more business events to Steyr.

and thus to bring more business events to Steyr.


Dr. Herta Neiss - Johannes Kepler University, Linz

I was very happy to become a member of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR®, not least because I still feel very connected to my home town.


I value this network, which has been formed by representatives from the fields of business, tourism, education, politics and health. Above all, it is the possibilities to use informal contacts in an unbureaucratic and quick way.


From this association I expect a continuation of the professionalisation of Steyr's business tourism and, above all, intensive cooperation in the form of projects and a lively exchange of ideas with the Johannes Kepler University Linz.


Mag. Michael Schaubmeier - Wirtschaftskammer OÖ, Steyr

Steyr is an ideal conference and event location with a distinctive and unique ambience, very centrally located between Salzburg, Vienna Graz and Prague. The WKO is happy to support Business Class Steyr.


FH-Prof. DI Dr. Heimo Losbichler - FH OÖ Campus Steyr

With BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® we can bundle resources and make Steyr more attractive for business tourism and more visible internationally.


Mag. (FH) Yvonne Viertler-Schürz - Hotel & Restaurant Minichmayr, Steyr

I am very pleased to be part of the BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® committee from the very beginning.


Through the founding of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® by Ms Kohl in 2011, the business location of Steyr with all its resources is successfully strengthened through even more active networking of all participants.


This has a very special significance for us, because an innovative implementation of attractive and partly unique offers in cooperation with industry and business brings us all synergetic success.


Through BUSINESS CLASS, we can increasingly meet the needs of companies and business customers, both in the regional area and with international visitors. This successful cooperation helps us a great deal in the development and implementation of new creative ideas, as we also have more opportunities to communicate suggestions. The goal is to present and market the city of Steyr in all its history, beauty and architecture even more attractively to business tourism with incomparable offers, as well as to be able to offer even better infrastructural conditions.


KR Ferdinand Wieser - BMD Business Software, Steyr

Unseren Kunden und Partnern wollen wir in Steyr ein interessantes Alternativprogramm mit einem exzellenten Wohlfühlklima bieten.


Heinz Gressenbauer - Head of Market Management & Digitalisation - Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH

As a representative of Upper Austria Tourism, it is an honour for me to be a member of the advisory board of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR®. The interdisciplinary nature of the members from tourism, business and education allows us to think outside the box and promises an exciting exchange. At the same time, together with the Convention Bureau Upper Austria, we can promote local and supra-regional networking and realise innovative projects for business tourism.