Group Packages | OÖ Landesausstellung 2021

Arbeit Wohlstand Macht

A castle, rehabilitated factory and trading house are the locations of the “Landesausstellung 2021” exhibition in Steyr. Steyr is and has always been a microcosm epitomizing the world at large, a well-nigh superlative town far from mediocrity. Driven by a spirit of innovation and spurred on by competition, the aristocracy as well as the middle and working classes went through turbulent times for many a century.

The exhibition recounts personal histories that let you experience how life was lived in the past. Historical scenarios are juxtaposed to present ones. How has our society developed and how do historical changes still affect our life together today? Where are we going and what are our visions for the future?

The exhibition plus our numerous other attractive offers in the region ensure an interesting and varied programme for group tours!

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