© Photo: Oberoesterreich Tourismus GmbH/Stefan Mayerhofer: Sebaldus Trail
Two hikers on the Sebaldusweg look out over the panorama of the mountain landscape of the Upper Austrian Enns Valley

Inside is tidying up, outside is sorting thoughts.

Discover: yourself and nature.

Roam through the forest wilderness, through ancient beech forests. Like the lynx, you roam through an unspoilt natural paradise, which has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will learn a lot about the Kalkalpen National Park. But most of all you will learn about yourself... 

Facts Natural & cultural area:

  • Kalkalpen National Park 21,000 hectares with UNESCO World Heritage beech forests
  • 2022 - 25th anniversary of the Kalkalpen National Park
  • Family-friendly hiking trails - Idyllic huts & mountain pastures
  • Long-distance hiking trails
  • Cycle and mountain bike trail network
  • Museums of the Upper Austrian Eisenwurzen

Everything begins with longing

Programme modules

Hiking holiday with added value

  • MORE INSPIRATION on an expedition into the ancient beech forests. Fascinating views. Unrivalled natural spectacles
  • MORE TIME OUT on a short holiday. Find deceleration in action and movement. Harness the power of nature.
  • MORE CULTURE with moving stories of workers, citizens and aristocrats in the Upper Austrian Eisenwurzen museums


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