On the river - meeting & motivating

Steyr, as a city of contrasts, combines state-of-the-art research with industrial and economic history. The research and development departments of the leading companies continue a long tradition. New ideas, topics and creativity are turned into reality in Steyr's training and research centres with small and medium-sized enterprises and exported worldwide in the form of products and services.

Immerse yourself in this pool of tension and relax in the nature that flows everywhere into these economic and industrial structures. Use this environment for unique experiences for yourself and your customers.

The setting and the stage for your events are prepared. Combine your content with the stories of history, the visions for the future and opportunities of the present. Combine the perfect locations with the countless incentives.


© Photo: Business Class Steyr/Photographer: Steyr Tourist Board, man with fish in hand in the water.
Man in business suit with fishing trousers standing in the water holding a caught fish in his hand.


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