In the BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® the suppliers and the customers, the topic representatives and the lateral thinkers meet in a creative pool.

The areas of tension between the different groups provide impulses for new ideas. From the discussions, new offers are developed and existing offers are optimised. In addition to cooperation, quality standards are also taken into account.

BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® is managed by the Steyr Tourist Board and the Museum Arbeitswelt, they are also the contact point for customers. The advisory board of BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® consists of 18 people who identify strongly with Steyr and who also represent Steyr's areas of strength.

The fact that the project received its first award just one month after the kick-off event in 2010 also proves that the idea is top-notch. BUSINESS CLASS STEYR® was awarded the Pegasus recognition prize, the annual business prize of Upper Austria's largest daily newspaper.

© Photo: Pegasus Recognition/Photographer: Business Class Steyr, Certificate: Special Award of the Upper Austrian Tourism Association Steyr
Certificate: Special Award of the Province of Upper Austria Tourism Association Steyr

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