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Night watchman anecdote book  € 10,00


Steyr lanterns € 3,20


Steyr jaw harps

  • blank € 3,00
  • gold € 5,00
© Busines Class Steyr/Photographer: Ennstaler Steyr, cover of the Nightwatchman Ankedoten book
Cover of the Night Watchman Ankedoten book. Golden lettering with golden night watchman.
Night watchman anecdote book
© Photo: Business Class Steyr/Photographer: Steyr Tourist Board, 6 Steyr Lanterns
Six Steyr lanterns in the available colours: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, Pink and Red
Steyr lanterns
© Photo: Business Class Steyr/Photographer: Wimmer-Bades, production of the "Mollner Maultrommeln".
Craftsmen making the "Mollner Jew's Harps".
Steyr jaw harps