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With an emphasis on biodiversity and rare varieties, our farm situated on the outskirts of town offers our customers a very special selection of vegetables.

The Fuxengut Farm is more than 500 years old and its farmland covers more than 5 hectares - vegetable fields including gardens for self-harvesting with an adjacent greenhouse and a farm store as well as the berry garden opposite.

In addition, there is also an old cider apple orchard with standard cider apple trees more than 100 years old. Here our free-range laying hens and their cock can roam around to their hearts’ content.


© Photo: Business Class Steyr/Photographer: Fuxengut, Organic vegetable grain from the Fuxengut farm
Fresh organic vegetable basket from the Fuxengut.


Fuxengutstraße 1
4451 Garsten

Ihr BCS-Ansprechpartner: Georg Kamptner