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Due to its tender and tasty meat, Angus and Galloway beef are considered among the world’s best. Since 2012, beef cattle have been bred at the “Weistrach Hofmanufaktur”. The Angus and Galloway breeds are ideally suited for pasture feeding and do not require additional concentrated feed or corn silage. The Angus and Galloway mother cows, our breeding bull and their offspring graze from the end of April until November in the pastures surrounding the farm. In the winter, they are stabled in open fronted cowsheds.


© Photo: Business Class Steyr/Photographer: Hofmanufaktur, Organic beef from the farm manufactory
Organic beef garnished with tomatoes from the Hofmanufaktur in Weistrach.


Hartmühl 69
3351 Weistrach

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