Excursions & leisure activities in Steyr & Kalkalpen National Park

At the confluence of the Enns and the Steyr, and with the famous Gothic Bummerlhaus mansion dating back to the 13th century, Steyr is the third largest town in Upper Austria. Pretty alleyways, historic fountains and the 1st Christmas museum in Austria make Steyr a popular destination for all kinds of excursions and explorations. And our unique natural landscape begins just behind St Michael’s Church and Lamberg Castle: together the Enns Valley, the Steyr Valley and the Upper Krems Valley offer all kinds of leisure activities around Steyr and in the Kalkalpen National Park. Three valleys and river landscapes, a magnificent National Park with spectacular primeval beech forests and countless mountains and peaks attract active holiday fans and those seeking peace and quiet alike.

Diverse walking and mountain hiking trails ...

... wind their way through the region. And you can enjoy a break in idyllic mountain cabins that serve up regional delicacies to accompany the wonderful views. The region in and around the Kalkalpen National Park is not just a paradise for summiteers; it is favoured by more casual hikers too. 

A mountain cabin is often the declared aim, the meal is always the reward.

Cycling along river banks ...

... is extremely popular. Even on hot summer days, you can expect a mild breeze to be blowing. The region offers an extensive network of riverside cycle paths along the Enns, Steyr and Krems. The Hintergebirge cycle path is a delight for anyone who enjoys getting close to nature on two wheels. Other options: Enns cycle path, Krems valley cycle path, Steyr valley cycle path.

Mountain bike trails in this region include everything from short and simple paths to the king of our trails – the Trans National Park. Whatever you choose, challenging or relaxing, it’s guaranteed to be a great experience.

Experience Steyr and the region in winter


This unique area is not just worth visiting in summer, it is great in the colder seasons too. When the first snowflakes drift down from the sky, the landscape is transformed overnight and reveals a totally different side. Sparkling hoar frost crystals cover the grass and plants, trees are wrapped in shiny white cloaks and the winter sun bathes the bizarre scenery in a warm light. The brightly illuminated peaks of the Kalkalpen National Park stretch up into the deep blue winter sky and you can see the tracks of deer and hares right in front of your feet.


Trudging through the snow ...

... a leisure activity that’s becoming increasingly popular in winter around Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park. All you need is a pair of snow shoes, warm clothing and a bit of time. Either you do it on your own or with a National Park ranger. Ski fans and freestylers can enjoy several ski areas, and for those who prefer racing across the ice or check out the sport curling there are plenty of frozen ponds and ice rinks. It’s also perfect for cross-country skiing and hiking.

Fun and variety all year round

At any time of year, you will find a range of attractive excursion options and enjoyable leisure activities in Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park region. We have everything from fascinating museums and craft centres to workshops and galleries through to extensive indoor sport and leisure centres. Or are you looking for a wedding location? The region has the perfect place for you as well.