Advent - the most beautiful time of the year!

The 1000-year old “Christkindl Town” of Steyr owes its beautiful byname to its picturesque Christkindl district.
Over the past years, a truly enchanting “Christkindl” Region has evolved around Steyr, keeping alive old regional customs and traditions, much to the delight of the locals and visitors alike!

Advent in the Christkindl Town Steyr

Shift down a gear and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the Christkindlstadt Steyr. Marvel at the 1st Austrian Christmas Museum, explore the wintry old town with our city guides and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at the Advent blowing on the town square.

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Attractions in the Christkindlregion Steyr

Place of pilgrimage Christkindl

The pilgrimage site of Christkindl has always been the centre of Christmas events in Steyr.

In the idyllic, baroque church, you can still see the baby Jesus in the altar above the tabernacle, to whom the village owes its foundation.

The Christkindl post office was built directly behind the pilgrimage church in 1950. Every year, over 1.5 million letters are stamped here with a Christmas stamp and special postmark, and the numerous children's wishes to the Christ Child are of course gladly answered.

The cot rarities in the old vicarage are unique.
The mechanical nativity scene by Karl Klauda with around 300 figures moves thanks to a unique mechanism made from bicycle chains and the Pöttmesser nativity scene is one of the largest oriental landscape nativity scenes in the world with 778 figures carved from lime wood.

© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Tman: Perchten Parade
Traditional Perchten Parade in the Advent Calendar Village Steinbach an der Steyr.
Perchten, Krampus & Father Christmas