Family adventures & visitor attractions


Family adventures & visitor attractions in Steyr & Kalkalpen National Park

Ascending to lofty heights in a balloon and looking at the region from above, or walking in close contact with alpacas. Discovering ancient castles together or learning to shoot a bow and arrow like Robin Hood. Exploring the town with a night watchman or testing your courage on a treetop ropes course. These are just a few of the long list of activities and visitor attractions that Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park offer for families. They show how diverse the region is – you will find great experiences for all ages, with activities for explorers and investigators, for sports fans and animal lovers, and also for foodies.


Guided tours & circuit routes
Escape Games

Family: The place where life begins and love never ends.

Discover our flora and fauna

Explorers of all ages have lots of options for discovering our unique natural landscape and for seeing some of our animals at close quarters. Walks with alpacas or llamas are one of the most popular family excursions in the Steyr area and the National Park. It’s no surprise, as adults and children alike soon fall in love with the friendly animals. Those who want to can even spend an entire afternoon on a farm watching the farmers at work. How does our milk get into our glasses, who produces our breakfast eggs and what animals particularly enjoy a good stroke? You can find out all of this together. Or how about a carriage ride?

The hanging rope bridge over the Enns, which is suspended between six and twelve metres above the water, is a very special way of enjoying our landscape. Families can get there on foot in just 15 minutes from the centre of Großraming or they can choose a narrow path from the rafting centre. Adventure tours, a nature trail in the Himmelreich biotope or a few hours at the Ennstal National Park visitor centre all provide unforgettable family enjoyment and are also educational. The visitor centre is home to the “Magic world of the wild woodland” exhibition, which reveals the huge diversity of life between the ground and the treetops. 

Animal experiences
© Photo: Naturschauspiel/Hannes Ecker: So close to heaven
Group on a guided tour of the natural spectacle with a view of the Steyr River in the Unterhimmler Au nature reserve
Nature adventures
© Photo: Altpernstein Castle/Peter Leeb: Via Ferrata Altpernstein Castle
Via ferrata on the rock at Altpernstein Castle
Sports & action
© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/K. Mitterhauser: Maitre Chocolatier Bachhalm
Four children taste and enjoy the chocolates from world champion Maitre Chocolatier Johannes Bachhalm.
Food & drink

Adventures for sports fans and foodies

Holidays in the region can easily be packed with sporting activities. Balloon rides, minigolf, archery, climbing – we have one highlight after another. The Laussa playground and obstacle course is an exciting destination for a family excursion. It has a climbing wall, balance beams, rope swings and much more, and it can all be combined with a hike or a gentle stroll. The Losenstein leisure park and the Steyr-Dietach sports centre also offer a wide range of activities. And those who love solving problems together should check out the Escape Game.

A visit to Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park should definitely include some of the local culinary delights. Families can take a journey into the world of chocolate with Master Chocolatier Johannes Bachhalm. He is the third generation to run the family business in Kirchdorf an der Krems, and he is happy to tell visitors all about the fascinating history of chocolate and always has some delightful creations ready for them to enjoy. Meanwhile, the dairy at Schlierbach monastery gives cheese lovers the opportunity to find out more about cheese making and to sample some of the exquisitely tasty delicacies produced there.

Historic sites and fascinating museums

In the Steyr area and the National Park region, there are numerous historic attractions that are ideal for family excursions. For fans of castles, a visit to Altpernstein is a must. The impressive building in Kirchdorf has enjoyed a lofty location 400 metres above the Krems valley since the Middle Ages. The ruins of Losenstein Castle are also worth a visit. This structure was built in the 12th century and the ruins are among the oldest and most extensive in Austria. Gothic window frames and arrow slits can still be seen in the walls. And if you’re looking for an incredible view, you should definitely plan a hike to the Damberg watchtower.

Those with a thirst for knowledge have a great choice of museums. There is a huge range of options, from open air museums to town museums to the Star Park. For example, a visit to the Schmidberger sword and armour forge in Molln takes you on a trip back to medieval times, and if you are interested in what rural life was like in the past, you should check out the agricultural museum or the forestry museum. A town tour with a night watchman is a fascinating experience for all ages, and if you prefer to explore the alleyways by yourself, you can discover the town on a Segway. The Steyrtal heritage railway, Austria’s oldest steam-powered narrow gauge railway, is definitely worth a visit too.

© Photo: Altpernstein Castle/Christine Frauenhoffer: Altpernstein Castle
Exterior view of Altpernstein Castle in Micheldorf
Castles & lookouts
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