Water sports & fun


Rafting, canyoning & canoeing in Steyr & in the Kalkalpen National Park Region

Water is life. But water can also be a lot of fun. Particularly when you’re on holiday in the region around the town of Steyr, as there are three rivers wending their way through the landscape: the Steyr, the Enns and the Krems. The Steyr has its source in Hinterstoder and meets the Enns in the town of Steyr. The Enns on the other hand is the longest river entirely within Austria, rising in the Radstädter Tauern mountains and, for long stretches of its course, forming the natural border between upper and Lower Austria. And finally the Krems is a tributary of the Traun, which rises in Micheldorf and joins the Traun in Ebelsberg. As well as providing the region’s nature with the bubbling elixir of life and enabling the flora and fauna to flourish, it also represents a paradise for watersport fans. With rafting, canyoning, canoeing and many other options, there’s no chance of getting bored.


Anyone who is looking for excitement, fun and cool refreshment will find what they are seeking in the region. Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park Region offer everything from leisurely canoe trips to challenging canyoning and rafting adventures that you will never forget. Would you prefer to conquer the river on a stand-up paddleboard or in a kayak? Then you’re in luck, as there are plenty of facilities along the Steyr, the Enns and the Krems as well. These exciting water activities not only keep you fit and help you enjoy the natural environment, they also take you to some beautiful locations, such as waterfalls and crystal clear streams that invite you to dive in for a swim.

If you prefer to take things easier and go with the flow, you can take a rafting trip – either on your own or with a professional guide. And floating mountain cabins are far from a rare sight hereabouts as well – an ideal way to explore our unique riverside landscape.

Water is for the earth what blood is for people.
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