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© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/OÖ Tourismus GmbH_Stefan Mayerhofer: Hiking on the Ebenforstalm
Couple hiking on the Ebenforstalm in Steyr and the National Park Region, in the background an imposing rocky peak.



Let’s Get Going in the Great Outdoors

Numerous walks, mountain paths and alpine pasture hiking trails offer a great variety of tours ranging from easy to difficult. The region in and around the Kalkalpen National Park with its magnificent spectacles of nature, idyllic alpine pastures and cosy alpine huts serving regional delicacies for the whole family is a true insider tip: accompanied by a national park ranger explore deep gorges, climb up picturesque mountain summits and discover and observe rare animals and plants – alpine longhorn beetles, black and hazel grouses as well as rare orchids.


I’m off then …
to enjoy the small things in life and get back to nature and the many unforgettable moments it has to share.
Austria’s alpine pastures are popular excursion and recreation destinations for the young and old alike but sometimes however, problematic situations may arise when hikers get too close to grazing cattle.
Safe Hiking in and around Alpine Pastures