Fishing & angling in the Enns, Steyr & lakes

Sitting on a riverbank trying to catch fish is an activity that has enthralled people for ever. And around Steyr and in the National Park region, keen fishermen and anglers will find lots of opportunities to pursue their favourite hobby. There are great fishing and angling opportunities in the Enns and the Steyr – along the rivers you can find lots of fast flowing and very smooth and calm sections. But reservoirs and fishing lakes also hold lots of glistening treasures, making them equally popular. The region’s waters are notable for their excellent water quality and are mainly in their natural state. Whether you are searching for brown, rainbow or lake trout, graylings, nase, chub, char or Danube salmon – a varied fishing and angling experience is awaiting you in the Enns, the Steyr and the rest of our waters. Good luck!


In Steyr, the Enns joins the Steyr and makes the area an attractive location. Within the town of Steyr itself, you can angle in the Enns – from the Neutor bridge to the mouth of the Ramingbach stream. In the south, between Weyer and Losenstein, extends another beautiful river landscape. The Enns reservoir on the other hand can be found in Großraming. Angling and fishing in the Enns is also popular between Steyr and Ternberg. Fly fishers head for the Steyr in Grünburg. That is where you will find brown and rainbow trout, as well as lots of typical “Steyr graylings”. Or: The Steyr between Agonitz power station and the Leonstein children’s home.


If you prefer to try your luck in a fishing lake, take your rod to the Laussa fishing lake, below the guest house. The Kirchdorf lake which is 1,2 hectare big is also one of the most popular stretches of water. Both locations allow you to cook what you’ve caught on site.


Angling is the only kind of philosophy that fills you up.
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