Paragliding & gliding


Paragliding & gliding in Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park Region in Upper Austria

Spend a few hours with your feet off the ground. Get a whole new perspective. Feel a sense of freedom. Many people dream of doing these things. Luckily, there are now several ways to turn this dream into a reality and to be like the birds. The most important ingredient for any adventure: Courage. And of course having the time. Everything else you need for paragliding or gliding is already waiting for you around Steyr and in the Kalkalpen National Park Region in Upper Austria. Local clubs and flying schools ensure you will be properly prepared for your adventure. And then it’s finally time for you to take off to lofty heights where freedom is calling.


The first paraglider flights were made by US Air Force test pilot David Barish back in the 1960s. Since then, the activity has become increasingly popular. The most important piece of equipment is the actual paraglider. But why not take a look for yourself – the Steyr region and the Kalkalpen National Park Region in Upper Austria are the perfect place for paragliding. In Micheldorf, for example, you can experience the thrill of gliding at high altitudes with the Skybird Club Kremstal. The starting points include Altpernstein Castle, on the Hirschwaldstein at 1,000 metres or the launch ramp. The Ternberg flying school can also help those with the necessary courage to get airborne. Here you can book tandem flights with instructors, take courses or be trained as a paraglider pilot.

Do you prefer to float above the peaks in a glider? If so, the Micheldorf gliding club, 40 kilometres southwest of Steyr, is the perfect place for you. The Kirchdorf-Micheldorf gliding and model club is dedicated to sharing their passion for this unique experience with visitors.

Tame birds sing about freedom. Wild birds just fly.

Paragliding & Soaring in the Region

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