© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Thomas Hoefer: Traditional provision bag
Traditional provision bag filled with delicacies from Steyr and the National Park region.

Delicious Souvenir Gift

Take your holiday spirit back home with a culinary souvenir – conveniently and originally packed in a “Bschoad Binkerl”. In the “Bschoad Binkerl” culinary delights take to the road. Regional producers put together a package filled with the finest delicacies, from apple crackling fat to Schlierbach monastery cheese – culinary craft, modernly interpreted - traditionally packed. Treat yourself, your friends and relatives to delicious specialties from Steyr and the National Park Region!

The “Bschoad Binkerl” can also be ordered from the Kirchdorf Information Office (delivery time 2 working days) or bought at the “Bschoad Binkerl” Shop in Schlierbach.

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