© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/OÖ Tourismus GmbH/Röbl: Guided tour of Schlierbach Abbey
The abbot shows a mother and child the valuable books of the Abbey Library in Schlierbach Abbey.

Excursion tips

Excursion Tips in Steyr and the National Park Region

Emerald green water, starlit nights, travels back in time through our 1,000-year old town history and our pristine forest wilderness: in Steyr and the National Park Region so many stunning things await your discovery!

Our tip: discover our region during a round trip – along the Steyr, Enns and Krems Rivers – with its impressive natural scenery, living handicraft traditions, historic buildings and tradition-rich demonstration workshops. Adventure lovers will be spoilt for choice among a great variety of activities – a potpourri of thrilling ideas for a great holiday filled with exciting experiences awaits you!