© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Stefan Mayerhofer: Enns Cycle Path R7
Two mountain bikers with backpacks on the Enns Cycle Path R7 enjoy the view of the river Enns.
Two mountain bikers with backpacks on the Enns Cycle Path R7 enjoy the view of the river Enns.

Mountain biking


Mountain biking in the Steyr region and the Kalkalpen National Park

Two wheels, good weather and plenty of adrenaline – those are the key ingredients for a mountain bike adventure. Well, actually, that’s not all – you also need the right route. And the region around Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park has plenty to offer for an exhilarating mountain biking holiday. From gentle cycle paths along rivers, where a mountain bike wouldn’t even be essential, to alpine adventures crossing scenic mountain slopes and with some demanding climbs, we have everything you could possibly want. And if you still need the right equipment for your two wheel discovery of the mountains, you can rent bikes or mountain bikes locally. And then hit the road.


Mountain bike adventure from peaks to cabins

If you come to the Steyr region and the Kalkalpen National Park for mountain biking, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to routes. One possibility is to follow the trail of the old woodland railway. This includes some magnificent scenery and 17 tunnels. Various cabins such as the Blumauer cabin, the Blahberg cabin and the Ebenforst cabin are directly along the route if you want to check them out. Or you can discover traditional handicrafts such as knife making.

The best way to start is with the classic cycle routes such as the Enns cycle trail, the Steyr Valley cycle trail, the Krems Valley cycle trail or the Hintergebirge cycle trail. Then have a go at the spectacular Traunviertel trail for the very best way to discover the region. You'll need a bit more time for that though, as you’ll be riding a total of 460 kilometres at altitudes of up to 5,000 metres. Another highlight in the region is the 240 kilometre long Trans National Park route. This trail takes fit mountain bikers and relaxed e-bikers to some incredible locations where they can experience the very best of the Kalkalpen National Park.

Whatever you choose, please respect the natural environment, so that future generations will also have the chance to go mountain biking and to discover the Steyr region and the Kalkalpen National Park.

© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Moritz Ablinger: Cycling on Steyr's town square
Two cyclists on Steyr's town square. In the background you can see the Schanigärten, historic town houses and Steyr's town hall.
Traunviertel Tour

Perfect for cyclists

Along the various routes in Steyr, you will find not only unique historic buildings such as Losenstein Castle, Schlierbach Abbey and the historic towns of Enns and Steyr, but also a host of scenic locations a world away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

And if you need a bit of extra power, you can discover the region on an e-bike. Either set off on your own or join others on a guided e-bike tour. You can charge your electric bike at several public charging stations in the region. Inns and cabins are also inviting places for you and your bike to take a break. While you are enjoying the local delicacies, your e-bike is recharging its battery.

The region around Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park remains something of a hidden gem when it comes to mountain biking. As a result, the area and its businesses have created lots of facilities and routes to provide keen cyclists with some unique experiences. Mountain bike hires, information points, charging stations for e-bikes and a bike shuttle – with this infrastructure it’s easy to plan and complete some amazing rides here. We guarantee it will be difficult to say farewell to the region when your holiday will finally come to an end.