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Steyr, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Meet the Steyr Christkindl!

Can there be anything more beautiful and exciting than a pre-Christmas visit to the town where the “Christkindl” resides? Where age-old traditions come to life again and so many things bring back fond childhood memories! In the Christkindl Town of Steyr you can meet a real-life Christkindl.

The Christkindl costume, comprising spencer, skirt, coat, crown and bonnet, is based on a historical pattern. Design, style and silver lahn embroidery of the waisted costume have been modelled on the baroque Lamberg nativity scene figurine of the Angel of Annunciation. The colours of the costume are the same as that of the traditional Steyr festival costume designed by Dr. F. Lipp, green - silver – white.

The master seamstress Waltraud Musenbichler used 196.5 m of fabric and braid to make the costume and additionally embellished it with 540 silver white Swarovski crystals.

The crown of the Steyr Christkindl was made by the master watchmaker and jewel designer Friedrich Schmollgruber and is an exact replica of the baroque “Fatschnkindl”. The silver crown also sparkles with green and silver white Swarovski crystals.

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Steyrer Christkindl
Stadtplatz 27
4400 Steyr

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