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© Photo: Steyr and the National Park Region/Elias Gruber: Climbing on the Sauzahn
A climber on the imposing rock face of the Sauzahn, with the hilly landscape of the Upper Austrian Enns Valley in the background.
A climber on the imposing rock face of the Sauzahn, with the hilly landscape of the Upper Austrian Enns Valley in the background.



Climbing in Steyr, in the Enns Valley and in the Kalkalpen National Park Region

Climbing is exhilarating. And it is a great way to experience nature. You’re out there in the natural landscape, relying on the strength of your own arms and legs. The wind plays freely with your hair. And you conquer a precipitous crag. Bit by bit. It’s no surprise that climbing is firmly established as a popular sport. It’s the idea of challenging your own body, the feeling of gravity and the unique thrill you get from experiencing the heights that make this sport so attractive. And in the Enns Valley in Upper Austria, there are lots of opportunities for beginners and advanced climbers alike to satisfy their desire for this very special experience in the natural landscape. There are more than 20 climbing centres within 30 kilometres, with different levels of difficulty and 1000 routes. From boulders to multi-rope lengths. From sunny to shady locations. Most of the climbing areas are family friendly. And: We are the region of Austria with the highest density of climbing centres.


Over 1000 routes

Every year, climbing attracts large numbers of people to the Enns Valley, the Steyr region and the Kalkalpen National Park Region. The highest rock faces are at Nixloch near Losenstein (75 metres) and at the Wolkerlmauer in Pechgraben near Großraming. Most climbs are between 15 and 25 metres. At the classic climbing centres like Nixloch and Pfenningstein, visitors climb compact vertical or slightly overhanging limestone slabs. By contrast, Langenstein, Sauzahn and Sonnleitnerwand (cellular dolomite) often require athletic pocket climbing. The routes are well secured with bolts, and chocks are only required on older sections. The majority of the climbing walls are close to Losenstein and Laussa. Along with the massifs at Großraming amd Weyer, they make up the “Lower Enns Valley” climbing area.


Climbing in the Enns Valley

If the weather isn’t suitable for climbing on natural rock, there are other options in the Enns Valley, Steyr and the Kalkalpen National Park Region.

For example, in Großraming, keen climbers can enjoy the open-air facility with undercover climbing tower.

In Gaflenz you will find large lead climbing walls and a boulder area.

And the Steyr climbing centre offers 185 routes and a boulder area. Overall, it’s a paradise for climbing fans.

© Photo: Altpernstein Castle/Peter Leeb: Via Ferrata Altpernstein Castle
Via ferrata on the rock at Altpernstein Castle