For good togetherness on our alpine pastures

The Austrian alpine landscape offers our guests a unique nature experience up close to touch. The physical well-being is also taken care of at one of the many alpine huts, which offer refreshments as well as regional and seasonal delicacies or even invite you to spend the night.

The management of the approximately 8,000 alpine pastures and meadows is the responsibility of our farmers. This care sustainably preserves the landscape in harmony with nature. The keeping of grazing animals is an important part of alpine pasture management and ensures the preservation of the unique cultural landscape.

However, keeping grazing animals on the alpine pastures can also lead to direct contact with grazing animals under certain circumstances. Although they are basically peaceful, as with all animals, respectful and species-appropriate treatment is appropriate.

For this reason, here are 10 rules of conduct for dealing with grazing animals. By following them, you will behave correctly on Austria's alpine pastures and meadows even at what may be your very first encounter.

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© Photo: Cows in front of the Ebenforstalm (c) Österr. BUndesforste/Simmlinger
Grazing cows in front of the Ebenforstalm in the Kalkalpen National Park