Trail running routes in Steyr and the National Park region

Technical challenges/skills of the trails

Runners can find details on the requirements in the respective tour description.
The categorisation into levels 1-3 helps to find tours for the respective experience level. Safety first: reduce speed on difficult passages and when uncertain.


Distanz und Höhenmeter

The classification is a combination of distance and metres in altitude. In Outdooractive there is a 6-star system for your fitness requirements, which is listed under the term difficulty. Tours with...
1-2 stars are blue and fall into the "easy" category
3-4 stars are red and fall into the "medium" category
5-6 stars are black and fall into the "difficult" category

At the beginning of each tour name you will find the designation L1, for example. This means that it is a tour with fitness level 1. Here is a detailed overview of the fitness requirements of the tours:


* 0-5 km and < 250 metres in altitude (= level 1)
** 5-10 km and < 500 metres in altitude (= level 2)


*** 10-15 km and < 800 metres (= level 3)
**** 15-20 km and < 1,200 metres (= level 4)


***** 20-30 km and < 2,000 metres (= level 5)
****** > 30km and > 2,000 metres (= level 6)


How technically demanding are the trails?

Outdoor-Active also has a scale of 1-6 here and the classification is more subjective than the hard facts of distance and altitude metres. The categorisation into levels 1-3 helps you to find tours for your respective experience level.

© Photo: André Prinz: Trailrunning Schieferstein Reichraming
At the summit of the Schieferstein

Technical level 1

1-2 points/stars in Outdooractive
These routes consist mainly of wide forest, woodland and meadow paths. In some sections there are rooty, stony and somewhat steeper passages. These tours are ideal for beginners to trail running.

Technical level 2

3-4 points/stars in Outdooractive
The trails include many rooty, stony, sometimes steep and slightly sloping sections. More surefootedness and experience as a trail runner is required here.

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