Christkindl Pilgrimage Place

Since time immemorial the Christkindl Pilgrimage Place has been a major attraction in the Steyr Christkindl Region during the Christmas season. The pilgrimage church was built 300 years ago on the exact spot where the Steyr resident Ferdinand Sertl had once placed a waxen figurine of Baby Jesus into the hollow of a tree to which he often returned to pray. Up to this day, many pilgrims still visit the waxen Baby Jesus of Christkindl in the “tree under the heavens”.
During the Advent season, the famous Christkindl Post Office opens its gates so you can post your Christmas greetings with special Christmas stamps as well as stamped with the coveted special Christmas postmark.
Another highlight are the nativity scenes in the parish house: in the Mechanical Nativity Scene 300 figurines carved from linden wood move through a biblical landscape driven by a unique mechanical system. The Pöttmesser Nativity Scene, covering 58m2 and boasting more than 700 figurines, is one the world’s largest nativity scenes.

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