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Steyr am Nationalpark, rich in culture, industry, nature and architecture, is a liveable and loveable small town. Situated in the middle of the Austrian Romantic Road between Salzburg and Vienna, the 1,000-year old town is a veritable jewel of architecture. In the historic Stadtplatz Square townhouses dating back to various stylistic epochs stand harmoniously side by side. The Enns and Steyr Rivers that have influenced Steyr’s development for centuries picturesquely meet right below the Lamberg Castle.

Experience the special flair of the town and discover for yourself how Steyr harmoniously combines its tradition-rich past and vibrant present in a beautiful symbiosis!

Anton Bruckner in Steyr 2024

The world-famous composer Anton Bruckner had a special relationship with the town of Steyr, which he visited time and again to work on his compositions. 

The old town centre of Steyr
is the Upper Austrian winner of the ORF series
"9 Plätze - 9 Schätze" 2023.


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STEYR Information Office

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Steyr Town History

Around the year 980, the Otakars, the margraves and later dukes of Styria, built the “Stirapurhc”, today’s Lamberg Castle, at the confluence of the Enns and Steyr Rivers.
Over the following years a settlement developed below the “Stirapurhc” and the parish church. Most of the houses in the old town centre were built during the Gothic period and “modernised” in the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo periods.
The town acquired its wealth from the iron trade, an early town charter was confirmed in 1287. The terrible fire of 1727 destroyed large parts of the old town and the outer boroughs of Ennsdorf and Steyrdorf.
Stricken by wars, epidemics and a poor economic situation caused by the decline of the craft trade, Steyr’s fate finally changed – with the birth of Josef Werndl in 1831. Werndl, who is remembered in the annals of the town as the “Saviour of Steyr” took over his father’s business and transformed it into a modern factory. He also constructed and serially produced the first breech-loading rifle, turning Steyr into Europe‘s “weapon factory”. Josef Werndl, a true pioneer, also deserves credit for the fact that in 1884 Steyr boasted the first hydroelectric street light system in Europe. Josef Werndl died in 1889. Today’s “Steyr-Daimler-Puch-Werke” Company owes its existence to his progressive ideas. During the two World Wars, the factory only produced weapons, in the years in between also cars. The air raids of 1944 destroyed large parts of the production facilities which were fully rebuilt, modernised and enlarged after the end of the war. The factory’s 10,000 employees produced tractors, lorries and ball bearings and in continuance of Steyr’s long-standing tradition also hunting and sports rifles.
Following the war and until 1955 Steyr straddled the border between the American and Russian zone. Since 1955 the town has grown considerably, particularly the Tabor, Ennsleite and Resthof districts, and currently has 38,000 inhabitants.
Today, Steyr is a model example of the harmonious coexistence of a historic old town and modern business location, making Steyr one of Austria’s most fascinating towns.

Advent in Steyr

Advent in the Christkindl Town

The Christkindl Pilgrimage Place with its world-famous Christkindl Post Office is one of the region’s major attractions during the Christmas season. Every year, about 2 million letters, many from children, are sent out from the post office.

In the 1st Austrian Christmas Museum for historic Christmas tree decorations, more than 14,000 Christmas decorations from 1830 – 1930 as well as 200 stick puppets are on display. A special treat is the ride on the museum train up to the angels’ workshop in the attic.

Come and see where the Christkindl resides – a region that can whisk you away into an authentic Christmas wonderland!

Steyr looks forward to welcoming you!