Time out on the Sebaldusweg

Sebaldusweg - way of appreciation

Appreciating what is valuable - a task that is often difficult in everyday life. On a pilgrimage along the picturesque Sebaldusweg trail, you learn to recognise and appreciate your own values and can realign your own spiritual compass.

The heights and hills of the Ennstal National Park region create a wonderfully green landscape, which is ideal for escaping everyday life and at the same time embarking on a journey to yourself.

Passing 7 churches, 2 pilgrimage churches and 30 chapels as well as countless special places of power in the beautiful nature of the foothills of the Alps, you walk step by step through a unique landscape. Covering around 86 kilometres and 2,900 metres in altitude, the Sebaldusweg helps you to appreciate yourself and your fellow human beings more in everyday life.

© chapel of peace Laussa (c) Bernhard Weinmayr
Drone shot of the Chapel of Peace with blue sky in the background

"You've only really been where you've walked."

Bookable packages | Refreshments | Overnight stays on the Sebaldusweg

Well looked after along the Sebaldus Way: our hosts offer relaxing, enjoyable and eventful packages that provide you with the perfect support for your pilgrimage. Whether it's catering en route, support with route planning or booking the shuttle service - our hosts will help wherever they can.  The inns, snack stations and village shops offer fresh delicacies with food that mainly comes from the region. 

The way - the stages

One path - many possibilities

It is advisable to plan four daily stages for the Sebaldusweg. The trail leads from Großraming to Losenstein, Laussa and Maria Neustift. The route returns to the starting point via Gaflenz, Heiligenstein and Weyer. Along the way, spiritual places of power invite you to pause and linger. The pilgrimage through the Enns Valley takes hikers to seven churches, two pilgrimage churches, 30 chapels and countless natural treasures.

However, it is possible to start at any point, as is the choice of starting point. For very sporty pilgrims, we recommend the variant with three daily stages.

Variant with 4 daily stages

Recommended start/end: Großraming

Stage 1
Großraming - Losenstein -
Laussa; 22 km, approx. 850 metres in altitude

Stage 2
Laussa - Maria Neustift;
21 km, 950 metres in altitude

Stage 3
Maria Neustift - Gaflenz;
20 km, 700 metres in altitude

Stage 4 - Gaflenz - Heiligenstein - Weyer - Großraming
Weyer - Großraming;
23 km, 500 metres in altitude

Variant with 3 daily stages

Recommended start/end: Weyer

Stage 1
Weyer - Großraming Losenstein
27 km, 700 metres in altitude

Stage 2
Losenstein - Laussa - Maria Neustift
30 km, 1,300 metres in altitude

Stage 3
Maria Neustift - Gaflenz Weyer
29 km, 1,000 metres in altitude

Free public car park

  • Großraming: Public car parks behind the music school or at the former Salzwimmer inn
  • Losenstein: Public car parks at the train station or at the Blasl family inn
  • Laussa: Public car parks opposite the Baumgartner department stores'
  • Maria Neustift: Public car park on the left behind the municipal office
  • Gaflenz: Public car parks at the municipal office, outdoor pool
  • Weyer: Kreuzberg car park

Even the longest march
begins with the first step. (Lao Tzu)

Why "Path of appreciation"?

We live in a world in which the longing for positive affection, love and appreciation is growing more and more. Genuine appreciation works wonders! It develops creativity, motivation and the ability to build relationships. Practical impulses along the way help us to adopt an appreciative attitude ourselves. We recognise that appreciation is more than politeness or friendliness. It is an inner attitude of attention, respect and mindfulness that enables us to treat others with goodwill. In this way, we become a blessing for our fellow human beings. The positive feedback in turn strengthens our self-confidence and our charisma, thus completing the positive cycle of "appreciation in everyday life"!

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