Trail Running Challenge 2024 - Steyr and the National Park region

Off-road instead of on-road is the motto of our challenge - come and experience it: 3 formats (light - classic - extreme) | 6-18 routes | 10 communities | thousands of vertical metres | ingenious trails 26 April to 26 October 2024: Take part! Complete the LIGHT (6 trails), CLASSIC (12 trails) or EXTREME (18 trails) Challenge during the specified period and send us your tracks to to take part in the prize draw in autumn.

The general conditions for the Trail Running Challenge 2024:
Anyone can run or walk the specified trails in the period from 26/04/2024 to 26/10/2024. The pace is not decisive.

  • Anyone who has completed all the Challenge routes in the specified period can take part in the prize draw in autumn.
  • Record your runs with date and GPS and send us the collected PDFs of your runs to by 26 October 2024 at the latest.
  • Share your runs on social media with #trailchallengesteyr and tag us @visitsteyrnationalpark
  • At the end of the season, all participants will be entered into a prize draw for great prizes

The routes

Challenge Light - 57,8 km | 1.815 Hm

Nr.OrtTrailKmHmLink zu OutdooractiveLink zur TVB-Webseite
01TernbergL1 Enns Aktiv Weg Variante9,472Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
02TernbergL1 Silberbach-Wasserfall-Trail Bhf Dürnbach4,959Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
03ReichramingL2 Reichraming Dirnbach Trail7,9188Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
04LosensteinL2 Lichterkreuz – Mostbrunnen Trail13,6718Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
05Maria NeustiftL2 Freithofberg Trail9,7355Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
06GrünburgL2 Lustiges Kegerl – Steyrdurchbruch Trail12,3423Link zum TrailLink zum Trail

Challenge Classic (Routes 1 to 12) – 147,2 km | 5.648 hm

Nr.OrtTrailKmHmLink zu OutdooractiveLink zur TVB-Webseite
7MicheldorfL3 Altperstein Trail15,3721Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
8GroßramingL3 Sandluckengraben Trail14,2695Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
9Maria NeustiftL2 Glasenberg Trail15,1759Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
10GrünburgL3 Rinnerberg Trail15,1420Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
11GroßramingL3 Almentrail short14,2540Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
12TernbergL2 Wurmbachgraben Trail15,5698Link zum TrailLink zum Trail

Challenge Extreme (Routes 1 to 18) – 264,0 km | 11.130 hm

Nr.OrtTrailKmHmLink zu OutdooractiveLink zur TVB-Webseite
13GarstenL5 Großes Hufeisen Trail28,40872Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
14MicheldorfL4 Pfannstein Trail21,201.309Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
15LosensteinL4 Hohe Dirn Trail13,60802Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
16NußbachL3 Weiß´n Trail19,90505Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
17ReichramingL4 Habichler Trail16,30903Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
18GaflenzL3 Weißes Kreuz Trail- Oberland17,401.091Link zum TrailLink zum Trail

Participation is at your own risk and responsibility. Attention! Runners are responsible for a sure-footed gait and suitable equipment.

Weekend Challenge – 140,6 km | 6.160 Hm

The Weekend Challenge also offers all holiday guests in the region the opportunity to take part in the challenge. 
Choose 3 routes from those listed below and send us a pdf of your collected runs by 26 October 2024 at the latest to

Nr.OrtTrailKmHmLink zu OutdooractiveLink zur TVB-Webseite
01TernbergL5 Herndleck Trail Trail23,701.304Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
02GarstenL3 Saaßer Trail19,40230Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
03MollnL5 Trailing Trail22,50839Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
04MicheldorfL3 Hirschwaldstein Trail15,80708Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
05TernbergL2 Ternberg Bäckengraben Varinate 16,3114Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
06WeyerL2 Bahnhof Küpfern – Burgspitz Trail12,11.054Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
07MollnL3 Rinnende Mauer - lang14,1660Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
08KirchdorfL3 Grillenparz Trail10,9543Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
09MicheldorfL3 Hirschwaldstein Trail15,8708Link zum TrailLink zum Trail
© Photo: Florian Reiter: Trailrunning in Steyr and the National Park Region
Trailrunning - Sunset at Schoberstein
© Photo: André Prinz: Trailrunning - Schieferstein Reichraming
View from the Schieferstein to Reichraming
© Photo: Gerhard Michlmayr: Trailrunnung - Rinnende Mauer Molln
Rooty Path to the Gaping Wall